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Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Cleveland Browns Live Stream

Jaguars will play host to Browns in the NFL Week 12 game on Sunday, Nov 29, The Week 12 game will be played Behind closed doors.

The Jaguars lose their last game in Week 11 against the Steelers the game score was 27-3, while the Browns played against Steelers and won with score of 17-22

Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Pittsburgh Steelers

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Pittsburgh Steelers Live Stream

Jaguars will play host to Steelers in the NFL Week 11 game on Sunday, Nov 22, The Week 11 game will be played Behind closed doors.

The Jaguars lose their last game in Week 10 against the Packers the game score was 24-20, while the Steelers played against Jaguars and won with score of 10-36

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Green Bay Packers Vs Jacksonville Jaguars Live Stream

Packers will play host to Jaguars in the NFL Week 10 game on Sunday, Nov 15, The Week 10 game will be played Behind closed doors.

The Packers won their last game in Week 9 against the 49ers the game score was 17-34, while the Jaguars played against Packers and lose with score of 27-25


Jaguars’ Defensive End Yannick Ngakoue Ends Holdout Without New Deal

After 11 days of the holdout, failing to land lucrative deal, Jaguar‘s Yannick Ngakoue returns to training camp on Sunday, August 4.

The 3rd round pick of Maryland in 2016 NFL draft, Ngakoue had faced a deadline till August 6 to accrue 2019 NFL Season. Had he reported after the deadline, he would turn into a restricted free agent in 2020 Season.

Currently, in the final year of his rookie contract, Yannick stands a due $2.02 million in salary but was seeking for $20 million per season. The star pass rusher will bet himself this season to acquire a remunerative deal.

In the last 3 seasons, Yannick, 24, recorded 29.3 sacks and 10 forced fumbles.

Following Yannikck’s return, coach Marrone said:

We’re happy to have him back and ready to go so we’re excited. He’s ready to go. He’s in great shape and we’re all together.

After missing three-day mandatory minicamp in June and nearly 2 weeks of training camp, Ngakoue was fined $528,650.

The Jags’ defensive end sought for a mega-deal similar to DeMarcus Lawrence of the Cowboys and Frank Clark of the Kansas City Chiefs with a contract over $100 million, signed in offseason. Unfortunately, Ngakoue got no deals.

On the other hand, Lawrence now pockets $21 million while Clark takes home $20.8 million per season.

Even though Yannick got an offer of $19 million per year earlier, for a short-term deal, it broke off last month.